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Jen Rorrison is a structural alignment therapist and offers various ways to balance the body by using a combination of many modalities. These include kinesiology, pressure-point activation, breath and shamanic techniques. Her intuition guides the body from its 'confused' and imbalanced state, towards its natural vitality and harmony.

One of the distinguishing factors of this type of treatment is the 'wedge'. After each treatment the client leaves with a wedge-support (ranging in height from less than 1mm to 5mm) in their shoe, on the side of the imbalance or pain in the body. This ensures that the treatments are progressive and that the body doesn't 'slip back' into old patterns between treatments.

To book an appointment with Jen Rorrison, please sms or What's App on 083 266 3305.

Jen Rorrison believes that the two most under-used 'muscles' in the body are Personal Contact with Source and the inward focus of the body as the Temple that Houses the Spirit. In a world of change, these two constants create the foundation for a happy-healthy life.

The time-out and reconnection option of a retreat is offered by Jen in the stillness of her lovely home in Barrington, in-land of Sedgefield. The weekends offer the opportunity for 'time-out' and a sense of 'coming home' to the body and spirit in the nurturing hands of Jen and other like-minded therapists who, together hold this harmonious space.

Clients each have their own rooms and are nurtured with healthy food, time-out and between 2 and 5 treatments over the week end depending on their needs. Included in the programme are also talks, meditations, yoga, personal choice of running / walking routes, lying at the pool, swimming or canoeing on the dam.

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Regular Breathing Meditations are an hour long with music specifically chosen to follow the principal of Holotropic Breathwork (expansion of the body through breath). The group is guided by Jen into multi-dimensional awareness with the help of breath and music. "This is where the alchemy happens, where the magic exists" says Jen Rorrison. If practiced on a regular basis this process can be life changing.

Breathing Mediation Workshops are a full day. They are an extended version of the above and where clients not only have the hour meditation, but also get an opportunity to explore various methods of breathing as well as a 2 hour Breathwork Journey.

The intention of Jen Rorrison's varied experiential workshops is to offer tools and methods for self-balancing and self-awareness. The tools can be used at home by the lay-person or as an addition to the professional capacity of therapists.

Jen holds these workshops on a regular basis on the Garden Route, and in other areas on request.

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